Jacques Desgagnés - Artist and painter

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Original Works for Sale

The majority of paintings presented in the section "Original painting for sale" are currently on sale.

Other works, not displayed on the site, are also available and can be purchased through the artist.

Jacques Desgagnés continues his creative work and new paintings become available on a regular basis.

Numbered Reproductions - Limited Edition

The artist Jacques Desgagnés offers limited, numbered, very high quality, original size, signed reproductions. Each reproduction is printed in "giclée", on canvas (no frames). This reproduction technique creates an exact replica of the painting at a fraction of the original's cost.

As the original remains unique, why should I bother buying "giclée" sur toile?

Creation on Demand

The artist can produce paintings in his workshop on the basis of events or special needs; all it takes is a call or an email to discuss the details.

Special Events

The artist may be available to travel to your location for a unique customized creation to meet your needs.

Corporate Purchases

An original or the reproduction of a work of Jacques Desgagnés can pleasantly enhance the prestige of a business or professional office. It may be also be a token of appreciation for a special occasion.